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On 27 May 2013 Ngati Haua initialled a Deed of Settlement with the Crown to settle the Ngati Haua non-raupatu historical Treaty claims against the Crown. In order to meet the requirements for settlement prescribed by the Crown, a post-settlement governance entity was established to sign the Deed of Settlement and to receive and administer the settlement assets received as part of the Ngati Haua Treaty settlement. This entity is the Ngati Haua Iwi Trust.

_D3S2137Deed of Trust

A Deed of Trust was signed by the Initial Trustees to record the terms on which Ngati Haua Iwi Trust was established as the post-settlement governance entity to receive the settlement assets for Ngati Haua.

It is the intention of the Initial Trustees to receive the settlement redress and facilitate the transfer of settlement redress in accordance with the Ratification Booklet and the resolutions in the Ratification Booklet that were confirmed by a majority of the Adult Registered Members of Ngati Haua who voted in the Ratification Process culminating in the signing of the Ngati Haua Deed of Settlement between the Crown and the Tumuaki at Rukumoana Marae on 18 July 2013. View Trust Deed

1Building a Brighter Future for Ngati Haua

The Ngati Haua Iwi Trust looks forward to undertaking the important tasks now at hand, on behalf of Ngati Haua. We do this with the keen guidance and support from our Tumuaki, our Kaumatua and our Ngati Haua Marae, Hapu and whānau.

We are ever mindful that the responsibility we take on, is shared with you and is for you. Our united strength and commitment of Ngati Haua is crucial, so that we can continue to achieve united and positive outcomes for Ngati Haua Iwi.

_D3S2226Post Settlement Governance Entity

The Ngati Haua Iwi Trust is known as a Post Settlement Governance Entity (PSGE).  We are a common law trust that was established to receive, manage, administer and apply the Trust’s assets on behalf of and for the benefit of the present and future members of Ngati Haua in accordance with its Trust Deed including, without limitation:

– To uphold the historical role of the Tumuaki of the Kingitanga;

– The promotion amongst Ngati Haua of the educational, spiritual, economic, social and cultural advancement or well-being of Ngati Haua;

– The maintenance and establishment of places of cultural or spiritual significance to Ngati Haua;

– The promotion amongst Ngati Haua of health and well-being generally, including of the aged or those suffering from mental or physical sickness or disability;

– A transfer or resettlement of Trust Assets in accordance with the Ratification Booklet and in accordance with the ratified Ratification Process resolutions specifically supporting the transfer or resettlement of Settlement redress to a Recognised Recipients or certain persons, entities or trusts; and  

– Any other purpose that is considered by the Trustees from time to time to be beneficial to Ngati Haua.